Printer / File Cabinet

Inside-out Upside-down Printer Drawer

To get our printer off the desktop, I mounted slides inside a drawer and flipped it over on top of this little file cabinet and set the printer on the drawer bottom. I even had room for a small pencil drawer. It turned out great with some careful measuring. Since it is an all-in-one printer, access to the top for scanning and faxing was a critical requirement. I cut out the drawer front around the pencil drawer and to cover the slides. My only regret is including the raised edge on the drawer front which makes it easy to pull the printer forward, but we cannot access the paper drawer. We slide the printer up and forward over the front edge to access the paper drawer. I would cut that edge off, but the printer and my wife do not seem to mind since this is done infrequently. Before inserting the lower file drawer, I screwed through the back of the cabinet into the baseboard behind so the cabinet would not tip over when the printer drawer is opened.